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People Management

forde advisory can assist with

  • Mentoring and coaching;
  • Performance assessments and appraisals.

A career can progress in a linear fashion, or it can plateau,  or take off in a  direction altogether different from the one you envisaged… It is possible that your role could be made redundant.

As you gain confidence that you are good at what you do, you build your career strategically. A smart employer will recognise your talent and give you opportunities to take your career further. Along the way, it can be very helpful to talk with a confidante. This process can be quite informal through to formalised mentoring and/or structured coaching undertaken with the financial support of your employer.

Should your role become redundant, your career plan may seem to have come to a road-block. How to move forward, and in what direction? No matter how senior your role has been, it makes sense to receive assistance in reviewing your CV, seeking out new opportunities and preparing for interviews.  The time between roles can weigh upon you in many unexpected ways. It is very important for your well-being to have your personal supporter, guiding and encouraging you. forde advisory is the repository of many confidences, but each is unique.

forde advisory also welcomes contact from women and men who would like to talk without obligation about their possible next steps as an executive or non-executive director.