Executive Search

Executive Search

What value could an executive search specialist add to your recruitment process?

forde advisory is an executive search specialist undertaking recruitment assignments regularly for executive roles and non-executive director positions. We have the expertise so that valuable Board or staff time is not diverted from its primary goal. Moreover, our focussed work will ensure your organisation’s needs are met.

forde advisory in conducting your executive search assignment is a partner of your organisation, rather than being a part of it i.e. we are at ‘arm’s length’ so we are objective in our assessments and advice. Through discussions with our broad network, including acknowledged experts in the relevant field, we build a profile of many possible candidates. Our reports of our executive searches provide a candid insight that is rarely provided by what candidates have to say about themselves. By the time we provide a selection committee with a ‘long list’ of candidates, many other people will have been approached, considered, and however worthy, deemed ‘not an exact fit’ for your organisation.


Seeking out difficult to find people

People want to change roles for a variety of reasons, but executive search finds people who while happy in their current roles, may be persuaded to consider the executive role you are seeking to fill. Various suitable potential candidates may not see your advertisement, or if they do, give it little consideration. However, if contacted by an executive search specialist, in the first instance they are flattered, but if they agree to look at the position description, the executive search specialist will have an opportunity to talk about your specific role and to learn more about the potential candidate’s interests and expertise. As the executive search specialist talks to “sources’ (experts) who may be in a position to recommend people for the role, incidental intelligence about certain individuals can be gathered, but not only that, the names of people who may be working overseas or in areas less obviously aligned to your organisation, may be suggested, then can be approached and considered.


Reducing your employment risks

Using an executive search specialist means that the risk to the organisation of making an unsuccessful or very ordinary appointment is reduced. Through the forde advisory executive search process, the potential candidates offered to you for consideration have been met and broader information about them gathered and shared with you on a ‘highly confidential’ basis. Discussion around the ‘long list’ of candidates also helps refine the views of the selection committee members who may have thought they were in agreement about the sort of person to be appointed, but find themselves at odds when debating the merits of a range of candidates. Contrast our process with the situation where an organisation receives CVs, a person with an impressive CV is amongst several interviewed, the preferred candidate’s referees are contacted and are supportive, the person is appointed. Sometimes even within a short time, it becomes obvious that the referees failed to mention certain unattractive behavioural traits, or that alleged excellent past performance fails to be delivered in the new role. When forde advisory executive search is retained, you can expect that the reputation of the candidate will have been fully explored.


Our approach

Our own professional reputations are valued highly, so we would do no less for you in conducting an executive search. Clients and candidates are treated with respect; our communications with both are one to one, regular and timely. ( Indeed, we do not delegate to others any aspect of a particular executive search assignment as we value the total experience of any interaction with a client or candidate).  We have been candidates ourselves and have received on occasions less than professional care.  A candidate puts herself/himself  ‘on the line’ in agreeing to be considered for a role; a client invests faith as well as money that judgments will be made and the best candidate will be found. We commit to the highest of standards and value for your investment of time and money. Not for profit organisations may be surprised that forde advisory executive search is affordable and a very appropriate use of funds.