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Available for purchase:Your Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Senior Staff

Recruiting and retaining excellent senior staff to provide leadership is critical to an organisation’s  development, but Board members may be inexperienced in this area.’Your Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Senior Staff’ provides a comprehensive overview of recruitment, working with an executive search firm, advice post-appointment to the Board and CEO, templates and resources. Not for profit organisations will find the publication an essential resource.

The publication discusses all necessary recruitment steps, together with detailed commentary and advice to maximise success. It suggests ways to avoid some common mistakes and sets out recommendations for you and your organisation to adopt ‘best practice’ principles when recruiting staff generally – but with particular focus on ‘senior staff’ (the term CEO is most often used) because of their importance to the organisation in providing leadership.

Items covered by Your Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Senior Staff include:

  1. Introduction;
  2. A concise explanation of terminology;
  3. Background – the underestimated costs of poor recruitment practices;
  4. What constitutes ‘best practice’ in recruiting and retaining senior staff?;
  5. Deciding how to manage the recruitment process;
  6. Finding candidates;
  7. Advertising the position;
  8. Choosing applicants to interview;
  9. Interviewing applicants;
  10. Reference checks;
  11. Making the offer;
  12. Not doing it all yourself! – working with an Executive Search firm;
  13. Induction – the first 100 days;
  14. Ongoing support and relationships;
  15. Assessing performance;
  16. Advice for the appointee – now you’re the CEO/Executive team member;
  17. Exercising leadership; and
  18. CEO-Board relationship.

In addition, ten (10) Appendices provide templates, resources and advice for further explanation.

Your Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Senior Staff is available now.

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