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Executive search: C-suite appointments

Risk reduced through executive search Using an executive search specialist for your C-suite appointments means that the risk to the Board or CEO in making an unsuccessful, or very ordinary executive appointment, is reduced. Through an executive search process, the potential candidates offered to you for consideration […]

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Available for purchase:Your Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Senior Staff

Recruiting and retaining excellent senior staff to provide leadership is critical to an organisation’s  development, but Board members may be inexperienced in this area.’Your Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Senior Staff’ provides a comprehensive overview of recruitment, working with an executive search firm, advice post-appointment to the […]

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Assistance in appointing to leadership roles

No one denies  the importance  of internal resources in appointing and looking after staff, generally called the ‘HR’ function.This does not mean that the Board cannot seek external assistance to fulfil its obligations when seeking to appoint to key critical leadership roles.

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Setting the potential CEO’s salary too low can cost you time and money

Boards may never have to appoint a CEO, but if they do, then all members of the Board need to understand the long term consequences of their processes including setting the salary too low.  

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Set realistic timelines when appointing a CEO

When appointing a new CEO, set your timelines and keep to them.

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Not On My Watch! The resignation of the CEO

What to do when you receive the unexpected and unwelcome resignation of the CEO.  

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