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Organisation Development

Organisation development can be overlooked when an organisation’s focus is largely external.  Without people communicating clearly, and working together to achieve the organisation’s strategy, you will not have an effective organisation.

  • Do you have leadership or simply management?
  • Do all employees understand the strategic direction?
  • Have employees been given a briefing about the organisation’s opportunities and challenges?
  • Do you celebrate success?
  • How frequently does the CEO brief employees face to face?
  • Do staff feel that decision making is objective?
  • Why is one person being promoted and another not?

forde advisory works with CEOs and senior management to ensure all aspects of an organisation work harmoniously and productively together. In our experience, there is insufficient attention given to organisation development.

forde advisory can assist the development of your organisation through specific activities related to change management.

forde advisory is committed to workplaces which are highly effective because staff are creative, valued and enjoy coming to work.  Having  assistance from someone external to the organisation whose only goal is your success, is invaluable.