Executive Search

Marilyn Forde

check it out Marilyn Forde understands what makes an effective work place.  Her executive search  and people management skills are multi-faceted and ensure that you appoint to senior executive roles and non-executive directors, those people who will prove to be your best assets.

Marilyn has over 25 years experience as a CEO and non-executive director of private company and government boards. Her long-term leadership in education, superannuation, financial planning, treasury, risk management and health evolved to successfully  assisting CEOs and other senior executives through executive search and other people management services.

Marilyn is committed to excellence and  ensuring clients receive nothing less.

Marilyn also advises on operational or governance issues, especially as they relate to not-for-profit organisations, including professional and industry associations, community member organisations and not-for-profit boards. Marilyn is committed to raising standards and qualifications in professions and organisations by assisting selection committees appoint the best candidate.

Other advisory services  include business development; mediation; mentoring and coaching; team building and cultural change management; career building and transition.